- “In your bed I am safe above the cliffs of the world.”

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yes hello, I would like to order three.

A before and after - from faded turquoise to an ombré using ChromaSilk VIVIDS. Stylist: Letdavone Sounakhene

I finished her!! Crystal is an alien with a unicorn-like horn in the middle of her head. On her planet there are huge mountains that are made out of amethyst! The regular meteor showers seen on the planet are reflected in Crystal’s huge eyes *U*
I’m thinking of doing a capsule wardrobe now that I’m starting my new job. I’ve gotten really sick of my ill-fitting jeans and hoodies, and I’m getting a bit beyond the Hellbunny dresses and Tripp trousers. I’ve started a huge clear out and it’s feeling really good. I want to get to a point where I can just grab stuff out of a small, perfectly curated selection in my closet and feel comfy and attractive.
I found this thing that recommended figuring out how many times you wore a type of outfit (gym clothes, work clothes etc) over a three week period and building your wardrobe around that. Which makes so much sense to me. I love this! Quantifying my wardrobe! This will make the girly shit so much easier!
And then I did a chart and it is fucking depressing. What even is my life. When did I become this person.
Luckily I already have enough sweatpants.